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Connect SMTP to your chatbot

Send emails with any SMTP provider

Send transactional emails with any SMTP provider!


This app allows you to easily send transactional emails from your chatbot by connecting with any SMTP service provider.

To get started, simply retrieve your SMTP credentials. Please refer to your provider's documentation to find out how to retrieve the credentials. At the very least, you will need the following information:

  • the SMTP server's hostname and port
  • whether it supports or requires TLS
  • the authentication details (username and password)


Below is a sample code example for sending out a simple text email with an image attachment:

do Fn(
  from="Joe Bot<chatbot@mydomain.com>",
  to=["someone@gmail.com", "someother@hotmail.com", "Jane User <jane@mydomain.com>"],
  subject="CSML Chatbot",
  html="<h1>Hi there!</h1><p>This is a demo email.</p>",
  text="Hi there!\nThis is a demo email.",
  attachments=[{ "filename": "picture.jpg", "path": "https://picsum.photos/200" }],

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