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CSML helps chatbot development teams build truly intelligent, maintainable and scalable chatbots, integrated with your favorite apps, on any channel, with full control over your source code.

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CSML is both an open-source, domain-specific programming language, and a conversational engine, created by Clevy.io. Its expressive syntax makes it extremely easy to develop complex chatbots, and its processing engine features built-in short and long-term memory, powerful context management, and integrations with other systems through HTTP APIs.

Easy To Learn & Master

While CSML is a full-blown programming language giving you complete control over the final experience, it is designed to be picked up even by beginners. Thanks to its expressive, descriptive syntax, it takes just a few minutes to develop your first full-featured chatbot.

Explore some real-world examples below and find out why CSML is so popular among professional chatbot developers!

Simple conversations

Keep your website's visitors engaged with simple, contextual content

Sign-up forms

Convert your visitors into users or customers with a lead-generation chatbot template


Advise your users and keep them engaged with your service by providing useful recommendations

Connection to 3rd-party apps

Integrate your chatbot with any external app or service using HTTP APIs and custom or managed apps

// Simple chatbot conversation example
  say Typing(1000)
  if (firstname) say "Hello {{firstname}}! How are you? 😊"
  else say "Hello! How are you? 😊"

  say "Ok, good to know!"

  // Ask the user to pick a favorite genre
  say Question(
    "What would you like to do today?",
    buttons = [
      Button("Listen to good music", accepts=["music","listen"]) as music,
      Button("Manage my Dropbox account", accepts=["dropbox"]) as dropbox,
      Button("Tell me a joke") as joke,

  // Easily parse user input
  if (event.match(music)) goto spotifyPlaylist
  if (event.match(dropbox)) goto dropboxConnection
  if (event.match(joke)) goto randomJoke

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