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We have created the first programming language dedicated to conversational experiences.
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CSML events

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European Communication School
Le Wagon
42 Paris
VIVA Technology

Our pedagogy and values

We believe in learning by doing, a way of learning with which the trainee feels valued by the quality of his/her work, by the final result. Practicing being at the heart of our values, our trainings are organized so that everyone ends up with a working chatbot.

We also believe that mistakes are part of the road to knowledge, so we favour environments where learners communicate and help each other to learn and grow together.

Finally, we are dedicated to helping during each of the events and trainings, online or physical, with a support team ready to answer questions.

Initiation to programming

CSML is an extremely easy, descriptive and expressive language to learn, making it a great tool to teach the basics of programming for complete beginners. Using CSML, we taught the basics of code and the benefits of conversational automation to company execs and business stakeholders. It is a great team building opportunity as well!

Team building


Every month we organize an internal botathon within our own team with the goal of making the coolest chatbot. Let us show you how that works and how you can start doing the same in your organization!


Use-case oriented training program

This is a training program during which we go over a conversartional use-case tailored to your needs. These use-cases can be such as IT-Support, an E-commerce custom experience or a chatbot connected to your IS. Learning by sorting a problem that everybody sees and understands is the best way to learn!

From idea to product

How to create an interpreter?

Most programming languages include an interpreter, and CSML is no different. In this technical conference, we cover the technical approach of developing an interpreter and conversational engine in Rust.

Technical presentation

The CSML story

We go through the process of creating a brand new programming language, starting from the motivations behind the initial decision of launching the project down to the day to day project management and the issues we came across: design that turned out to be not as good as we thought, bugs, etc...

From idea to product

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