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Connect Datetime to your chatbot

Generate dates and timestamps in any common format

Wrapper around the momentjs library to easily generate and format dates. Defaults to current timestamp (UTC). Please refer to momentjs documentation for more information about formatting options.

  • action: for now, can only be "format"
  • date: the date you want to format (defaults to current time)
  • unix: if set to true, returns the number of seconds since epoch
  • unix_ms: if set to true, returns the number of milliseconds since epoch
  • ISO: if set to true, returns the date formatted in ISO8601 format ("2013-02-04T22:44:30.652Z")
  • format: the format you want to apply to the date
    Note: only one of unix, unix_ms, ISO or format can be set. These options will be evaluated in that order.

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