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Write CSML code in a free online editor, with a live chatbot preview to test, learn, debug, or share your chatbot code with your peers!
CSML Playground is the best way to test and share your chatbot code.

CSML Playground

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Concise and Readable Code

CSML's simple, expressive, descriptive syntax makes your code especially easy to write, read and maintain

Context and Memory Management

Maintaining conversation state is entirely built into the CSML Engine, without any additional boiler-plate

Chatbots as Text

Call us crazy, but we prefer writing clean code over fancy drag&drop graphical interfaces

Write Code

CSML Playground is an online, no-install, no-login, hassle-free chatbot development environment to quickly experiment, learn or develop complete chatbots with the CSML programming language.

Chatbots built on CSML Playground are public and can be shared and forked at will!

CSML Playground IDE

Test Code

Instantly execute your CSML code in an integrated full-featured preview chat interface! This helps you identify errors in your code or experiment with new patterns and concepts.

Using CSML Playground, you can also share the final result of your code for your non-developer peers to test!

CSML Playground Test

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