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Connect Convomat to your chatbot

Manage Amazon campaigns, coupons and orders with Convomat

Convomat’s mission is to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions to simplify the management of their Amazon businesses and reduce the amount of work needed to launch and maintain products on Amazon by adding innovative automated strategies.

With this Convomat integration, take your Amazon Seller business to the next level with a custom Chatbot!


You can use any of the Convomat API endpoints with this App:

  • method: HTTP method to use. Defaults to GET if unspecified
  • endpoint: name of the endpoint (with or without leading api/), i.e. api/get_order or send_payout
  • params: all the parameters to send to the given Convomat endpoint, formatted in an object
do result = App("convomat", method="GET", endpoint="get_order", params={"order_id": "123-4567890-1234567"})
if (result.success) {
  say "This order is currently in status = {{result.data.order_status}}"
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