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Write text in an image

Write text in a image

You can write in an image with this App. Just pick the size, color, position and get your edited image.


  • url: String - The image url
  • x: Int - X position
  • y: Int - Y position
  • size: Int - Font size, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64
  • color: String - black or white
  • text: String - Text to be displayed
  • x_align: String - X alignment, left, center, right
  • y_align: String - X alignment, top, middle, bottom


  do newImage = App("picture_writer", 
    url= "https://animageurl",
    x= -50,
    y= 0,
    size= 64,
    color= "white",
    text= "Lorem ipsum",
    x_align= "right",
    y_align= "bottom")
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