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Connect Rasa to your chatbot

Use on-premise Rasa NLP in CSML chatbots.

Use on-premise Rasa NLP in CSML chatbots.

In order to use this app, you will need to have an existing Rasa server with the --enable-api tag.
Please refer to this documentation.

AUTH_TOKEN and JWT_SECRET are both optional environment variables you can use to secure the requests.



Predict the intent and entities of the message posted to this endpoint.

do intent_entities = App(
  method = "analyze"
  params = {
    "text": "Hello",


  "success": true,
  "response": {
    "text": "Hello",
    "intent": {
      "id": -1915024040213881600,
      "name": "greet",
      "confidence": 0.9999943375587463
    "entities": [],
    "intent_ranking": [
        "id": "-1915024040213881600",
        "name": "greet",
        "confidence": "0.9999943375587463"
        "id": "-7222733869911494000",
        "name": "affirm'",
        "confidence": "0.0000022538461053045467"
    "response_selector": {
      "all_retrieval_intents": [],
      "default": {
        "response": {
          "id": null,
          "response_templates": null,
          "confidence": 0,
          "intent_response_key": null,
          "template_name": "utter_None"
        "ranking": []
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