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Connect Workplace to your chatbot

Manage content, posts, users on Workplace through your chatbot

This App lets you easily post content to Workplace from your chatbot. It can for example be used to create new posts, or comment existing posts!


To setup this App, you will need valid credentials for a Worplace custom integration: Access Token, App ID and App Secret, with at least the "Manage Group Content" permission checked.

To create a custom integration, please follow this guide: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/workplace/custom-integrations-new/#creating.

When setting up the integration, we encourage you to check the "Require App Secret Proof" option for security.

Posting to a group

To create a new post in a group, add the following code to your chatbot:

do post = App(
  group_id="GROUP_ID", // the ID of the group
  message="The content of the post", // the main text of your post
  link="https://workplace.com", // optional linked content you want to attach to your post

This method supports markdown content.

Commenting on a post

You can add comments to an existing post with this code:

do comment = App(
  post_id="POST_ID", // the ID of the post
  message="The content of the comment", // the text of your comment
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